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Rosemary and Tea

Rosemary, Tea & Me ...

Welcome to my healing space. If you've landed on this site, you are probably either a fan of rosemary & tea, and/or you are seeking to break a pattern in your life that no longer works for you. You may also be feeling stuck (repeating self-defeating patterns), restless (anxious), experiencing a spiritual emergency (trauma), or nostalgic (depressed). But if you're here, you must be seeking to understand your own personal narrative and to dig deeper into your unconscious patterns. 

Now me. I, like many, am a trauma survivor. I believe in karma, synchronicity and in personal myths. I love working with and reframing personal narratives. I believe in the power of archetypes and the unconscious, and I believe in the divine order in chaos. I also believe that dreams are windows to our psyche - personal and collective. 

Now Rosemary and Tea... I dislike rosemary and I love tea. I chose a title of opposites for my site because this best reflects the tension of opposites that exists in each one of us. We are products of polarized energies. This is what makes us perfect...My life is testimony to polarized tensions: A part of me is a fiery spirit hardened by life, working relentlessly to unlock the mysteries of existence. The other part is a quiet spirit that seeks peace and eternal knowing in solitude. My professional path oscillates between these energetic tensions, each path feeding the different parts of the eternal soul. My work manifests through financial consulting (Master's in Money and Banking, the American University of Beirut), alternative education advocacy (, and psycho-spiritual counseling (MA, Columbia University, NY).  I am a devout student of Carl Jung, and I am trained in Jungian Psychoanalysis (C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich). I work with children, adolescents, and adults. 

My healing and analytical work is inspired by Eastern and Western teachings. My work focuses on psycho-spiritual counseling, dreamwork, sand-play therapy, projective tests,  sound healing, meditation, as well as hands-on energy work. 

Welcome to this safe space for exploring the self. Please reach out to share your own perceived narrative and to explore the mysteries of the human mind with me...

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