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Rosemary and Tea

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Rosemary, Tea & Me

Welcome to my healing space. If you've landed on this site, you are probably either a fan of rosemary & tea, and/or you are seeking to break a pattern in your life. You may also be stuck (repeating self-defeating patterns), restless (anxious), experiencing a spiritual emergency (trauma), or nostalgic (depressed). But if you're here, then you are seeking to break patterns that no longer work for you, looking to spread your wings and fly into a journey of purpose. Enough about you...

Now me. I, like many, am a trauma survivor. I believe in karma, synchronicity and purpose. My life mission is to decode the unconscious mind.

I love stories. I believe that everyone and everything has a magical narrative. I believe we are all connected by an invisible thread of light. And I believe in the power of the mind and the soul. I also believe that the physical body is the mind's barometer. What you think, becomes...I believe that the soul is eternal. Enough about me...

Now Rosemary and Tea. I hate rosemary and I love tea - which is a perfect reflection of the conflicting realities that exist in each one of us. We are the product of polarized energies. This is what makes us perfect...Like Rosemary and Tea.

On one end of my being is a fiery spirit hardened by life, working relentlessly to unlock the mysteries of existence. I follow a dual path with expertise in finance (MMB, the American University of Beirut), child and adolescent psychology (Certificate, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology) and spiritual psychology

(MA, Spirituality, Mind and Body - Teachers College, Columbia University). I am also a certified energy healer specialized in the Barbara Brennan approach, a Quantum Hypnosis Healing practitioner, a serial social entrepreneur, an early childhood education revolutionary, and a counselor in early childhood pedagogy and conscious parenting. My healing modalities incorporate psycho-spiritual counseling, dream analysis,  sound therapy, meditation techniques and hands-on energy work. My areas of interest are trauma-informed mindfulness techniques as well as inter-generational relational therapy.

Welcome to this safe space for exploring the self and unlocking your innate boundless potential! Please reach out to share your narrative and to explore the mysteries of the human mind with me...