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Explore your own conscious and unconscious narrative and experience the union of mind, body and spirit through my offerings:

Spirit Incantations


When we do not heed the call of our own spirit, we experience internal chaos that manifests in our relationship, our work, our emotional regulation, and our sense of purpose. Whether you are searching for purpose, grieving loss, or healing deep wounds, the unconscious mind and the physical body provide a roadmap to the soul. Unlock the key blocks in your life by navigating through your spirit roadmap and integrating its components.

Meditations & Healing


Dissolve toxic blockages in your physical body that hold emotional charge. Get rid of all that no longer serves you at the emotional and spiritual levels. Using a variety of techniques - Tibetan Ancient Bowls, Meridian sound healing, energy work, dream analysis, Tarot readings or Quantum Hypnosis therapy, ​connect back to your spirit and set out on your intended path with mindful awareness and an open heart.

Conscious Relationships


Relationships are complex, whatever their nature may be - parent, lover, spouse, partner, son, daughter, brother, sister, work, self. Understanding the dynamics of relationships sets us free of their bondage. Infidelity? Betrayal? Rejection? Control? Dismissal? Abuse? Understand the why and the what of relationship dynamics. Set your soul free of recurrent patterns that dominate your life. Understand your own journey through life transitions, middle-life crisis, and creative "re-births". Open up the portals to your true self to be guided onto your intended life path.


Dream Interpretation


Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.

~ C.G. Jung

Dreams are windows to our soul. They are tools to understanding the self and to setting the mind free. Dreams connect us to our own realities and to realms of existence from this life and past. Dreams carry the blueprint of our existence in symbols and archetypes. By decrypting the language of dreams, we understand who we really are. Unlock the mysteries of your dreams. 

Conscious Parenting


Parenting does not come with a job description. It does not come with a manual. Yet we expect to perfect this "job" and to raise perfect "children". We are expected to give that which we may not have. And along the way, we project our own pains, scars, trauma, beliefs and images that we carry onto our children. Understanding your own narrative can free you from your perceived role as a "parent" and can set your child free from a the pattern of "parenting bondage". Transform your relationship with our child by understanding what it truly takes to be a conscious parent.

Adolescent Whispering


Do you feel unheard, unseen, or misunderstood? Do you struggle with your self-image and your emotional turmoil? Do you feel bitter at the world and all its inconsistencies? Welcome to the world of the adolescent mind! The good news is that all these issues are symptoms of a healthy rite of massage into adulthood! Adolescence is a crucial phase in our lives to chart the path for the adults that we ultimately become. Commonly held beliefs that adolescents are the embodiment of crazy hormones unleashed are dispelled when a true understanding of the reality of this phase (between the ages of 12 and 21 years) is established. Understand how the teenage mind functions for a more purposeful life, more fulfilling relationships and less feelings of being "alone" and "misunderstood". Decipher the narrative of a "teenager" and watch the magic of this age-hood unravel. Learn techniques that will support your passage through this challenging phase and open up the portals to your true essence. 


Tibetan Sound Healing


Sound is the most potent universal medicine for the soul. Everything in this world resonates at a unique frequency, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The faculty of hearing is the first to develop as our spirit enters this earth, and the last to fade as we leave our physical body. We cannot heal energy dis-ease (anxiety, depression, grief, physical ailments) with physical medicine. We need energy medicine... and sound is the most powerful energy medicine known to date. Book a healing session to release blockages in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and to experience your full true potential.

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